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5, Rue de la Station

+352 24 52 74 46



The delicacy of an Italian quote can partially summarize the mood and atmosphere of Cavalli Room Restaurant in Dommeldange, Luxembourg. The horse is the perfect choice of historic symbol of Italy which - through these deep roots - represents the refinement and modern delicacy. Few things could prevent the current success of Cavalli Room Restaurant to continue.

Outdoors Galloping

There is no need to dwell on the frame of Cavalli Room. In his case, images speak better for themselves. How to explain this feeling of permanent opening, this huge space (rather than these four more or less distinct spaces) - absolute antithesis of claustrophobia, designed around a central light well. The clarity of the volumes and their lights are holding even at night, and keep the freedom atmosphere intact in the evening.

Trojan horse

The interior design is signed by Brussels architect Jean Raymond, visionary when he chose purple two years before the trend came up. The overall style is very contemporary, spacious yet cozy lounge with the usual attributes. Huge white bar above which a chandelier is hanging, black sofas in front of a fireplace and finally an open kitchen room like a "Cavalli Comedia" scene.


This kitchen strikes by its purity impression, usually reserved for gastronomic only. Two terraces complete the whole package. This scenery is not fixed and the image of the Cavalli kitchen is constantly changing to suit the owner's imagination. In the entrance, a big white horse, a few horse reminders like a glass bust: the Cavalli Room imposes his artistic design like a masterstroke.

Trotting pricing

The question at this level of demand is for the fares of the 155 seats of the Cavalli room. The price/quality ratio is without doubt, one of the strengths of the restaurant. Unlike lots of institutions using only on their name to offer simple food at exorbitant prices, the Cavalli room is affordable and suits everyone. The combination of a frame and exceptional food while keeping regular prices is the daring but successful owner’s bet.


The Cavalli Room regularly hosts one of the most popular afterworks of the country. If these "Cicero" successful evenings are due for many to the frame and the food of the place: this may be one of the first true afterwork to go into a real mecca for restoration.

Fusion cuisine • trendy food

Some five months after the opening in 2007, Donato Lorusso who’s managing the restaurant has quitted his traditional cuisine. It was not about denying his childhood recipies. This was about giving culinary prose, poetry lights. The exception of the plates of Cavalli stands entirely in their presentation and reinvention through a legitimate fusion. The menu is very large with a wide variety.